Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5 Signs Your Church Promotes Controversy

1. You love to speculate on what might happen.

2. You are always looking for new and different teaching.

3. You take a minor point and make it major.

4. You take a major point and make it minor.

5. You focus more on what not to do than on what Christ has done.
Church people can turn life into lists of ‘dos and don’ts,’ leading to pride when you keep the rules, and despair when you don’t. But knowing what is right and the power to do what is right comes only by loving Jesus.  

We don’t need more controversy, we need more Jesus.

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  1. how did I not know that you have a blog? and a new e-book? I actually finally started Stories from God's Heart this morning after buying it some time ago. Challenged and captivated so far. -Angel Snowberger