Saturday, August 13, 2011

Names You Might Never Include in Prayer

Have you ever prayed for one of these names?
Actor Charlie Sheen?
Celebrity NeNe Leakes?
Billionaire Bill Gates?
Atheist Christopher Hitchens?
Dictator Mohamar Ghdaffi?
Rapper Jay-Z?
Businessman Donald Trump?
Singer Rihanna?
Movie star Angelina Jolie?
Congressman Anthony Weiner?

They may not come to mind for prayer, yet Scripture urges us to make all kinds of prayers for all people. Not being narrow, small, local, nationalistic, elitist, or racist in prayer is challenging. Move beyond the circle of personal and probable to remember rich, poor, black, white, Democrat, Republican, Afghans, Iranians, royalty and rednecks.

Enlarge your prayers to embrace the world.

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